Murder, mayhem and mutiny galore awaits in a nail-biting adaptation of Ian McGuire’s acclaimed novel

Credit to BBC2

On White Heroes, Black Martyrs and the End of Blaxploitation

Chairman of Illinois Black Panthers Fred Hampton (Daniel Kaluuya) holds a speech, Credit: Warner Bros Pictures

‘’Resurrection’’ is the politically incendiary story the Russian regime tried to bury

Credit to Vincent Van Gogh, ‘Prisoners Exercising’ (1890), The Pushkin State Museum of Fine Arts, Moscow

A South Indian take on the acclaimed family drama

Credit: A24/Plan B

A look behind the margins at America’s itinerant elderly workforce

Spotlight on Amazon warehouse,Credit to Searchlight Pictures

On finding the answers to Life, the Universe and Everything in Jenny Offill’s newest book

Credit to Granta

Jasmin James

Photojournalist and narrative non-fiction writer

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